Sport Fishing in Costa Rica is something you need to experience to believe and should be on every serious anglers bucket list! The country’s glassy blue waters boast over 80 different IGFA records including almost 20 for billfish alone. When talking to local Captains and crews, you’ll find most struggle to remember a year without a few Super Grand Slams reported. Meaning that Sailfish, Blue, Black and Striped Marlin were all caught on the same day, by the same boat. With recognition from tournaments like the Los Sueños Triple Crown and the Offshore World Championship, Costa Rica has really etched itself into the history books as a world record fishing destination for sailfish and marlin. For the last three years, both of these tournaments have broken multiple records and the future’s looking bright. Countless sport fishing magazines, adventure shows and even ESPN have come to Costa Rica to witness and partake in the action. Costa Rica is praised worldwide for its incredible year-round sport fishing. However, not only can you make a realistic attempt at catching a record billfish, you can also pursue a variety of other species most of us only dream of having close by. For example, many people choose to fish inshore for Rooster fish-one of the hardest fighting fish in the sea, Cubera and Red Snapper. While others chase Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado (Mahi Mahi) so they can enjoy a delicious dinner. And still these abondant waters offer even more. Snook, Wahoo and Spanish Mackerel to name a few other favorites. Whether you are looking for a Billfish grand slam or a serious addition to your lifetime fish species count, Costa Rica fishing charters will make that happen!

Sport Fishing Yachts

Crush em

This 50’ luxury sport fishing yacht can accommodate up to 8 people fishing.  This is the ultimate boat for larger

Fishin' Off

World Class Costa Rica fishing doesn’t get any better than on this 32’ yacht!  With all the qualities that serious


While it may be our smallest fisher at 28’ it also packs the biggest punch!  Appropriately named, the Predator is one